CBD for Seniors


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Uncovering the underlying issues of dis-ease is often not the focus of the Western symptom-based medical system. The root cause of underlying conditions is never defined.

Instructor: Karol Schuyler (a Certified Functional Wellness Coach) is a leader in the growing group of medical practitioners who understand the need to look at failing health from various perspectives and modalities – not just one. Karol has been trained on how to unravel and make sense of a complicated story.

A functional medicine practitioner, an RN, a healthcare educator and coach, a medical massage therapist, and an experienced herbalist – Karol is a life-long, transformational therapist who has a consuming desire to stay current with emerging disciplines and natural remedies, which she evaluates with a stringent scientific eye. She is respected by many physicians as a credible, medical Massage Therapist, CBD Consultant, Natural Wellness coach, and is currently completing a Naturopathic Medical Degree.