CBD Master Class Bundle

$2,991.00 $297.00

The CBD Master Class Bundle includes our CBD Business Builder, CBD Professional and CBD Coach courses, all online along with membership in the Icann Global CBD Professional Network. The price is normally $3,000 for all 3 CBD Educational Courses and when packaged in this bundle along with the Icann membership, you can save a bundle by paying only $297 one time plus $97 per month for 12 months.


This CBD Training Academy bundle is designed for those people interested in our CBD Educational Courses that want to save by using our Online training platform and also want to be a part of the Icann Global CBD Professional Network and the benefits they provide. This bundle will save you over $2,500 while getting you all of the CBD knowledge that you need to start, grow and scale your CBD business or to get you started in the CBD Industry with the information needed to get a job in the Cannabis & CBD industries.
Courses Included:
-CBD Professional
-CBD Coach
-CBD Business Builder
Get all the benefits of our online learning platform and membership in the Icann Network and save over $2,500.
Our expert presenters cover the following topics and more:
CBD Science
CBD History
CBD Medical Uses
CBD Methods of Administration
CBD Dosing for different conditions
Other minor Cannabinoids
Terpenes & Flavors
Legal issues in the CBD business
How to advise clients & patients about CBD
CBD Coaching Methodology
CBD Coach Business issues
CBD Coach Marketing and Sales
CBD Product Selection
CBD Labels and Quality
CBD Startup Business issues
CBD Financial issues
CBD Credit Card and Banking
How to get into the CBD business
CBD Product Formulation
How to make CBD
How to create your unique niche
CBD Sales strategies
Much Much More!
Please note that if you are interested in getting certified, you will need to complete the 2 exams with a 75% or better and at the end of the professional and coach courses, and then we will email your certification.

With this bundle, you can save a bundle by paying only $297 one time to get started plus $97 per month for a period of 12 months.


Also Please note that you will be enrolled in our CBD Business Builder program as well as our Certified CBD Coach program which includes the Certified CBD Professional program.  There will appear to be only two courses but the Coach course includes the 3rd course (professional).