On-Demand Certified CBD Professional (formerly Expert) Program-Self Paced Access on any Device


You will participate in 4 hours of on-demand CBD training with our expert instructors and guest speakers. 


Learn from the Number 1 CBD Education Company in the industry

On-Demand CBD Training Academy Certified CBD Professional (formerly Expert) Program-Seminar – Self paced access on any device at any time.  Order now, Access the course starting 12/17/18.  

You will participate in our On-Demand, FOUR HOUR Training Seminar with our expert instructors and guest speakers. 

Access the course for 12 months and learn at your own pace.  You will receive our CBD Training Academy Welcome Kit by mail which will include CBD product samples from some of the best manufacturers in the industry.

Our program includes:

What is CBD, CBD Science, CBD History, CBD Uses, CBD Delivery Methods, Dosage, Side Effects, Drug interaction, CBD Law, FDA & CBD, CBD Production, The Endocannabinoid System, How CBD works, CBD Quality, How to buy CBD, Synthetic CBD, CBD Dosing, The Entourage Effect,  CBD methods of use, The Future of CBD, Using CBD for Pain, Anxiety, Seizures, Cancer and more!

You will receive a Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of all 4 modules and a short quiz…Our Certification is the Gold Standard in the industry and is suitable for framing and accepted by most businesses in the industry.