Online Cannabis Extraction Business Certification Course

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You will participate in 8 hours of focused training in cannabis & CBD concentrations and extractions from CBD Training Academy with our expert instructors and mentors. 

Learn from the Number 1 CBD Education Company in the industry

CBD Training Academy's 8 hour Certified CBD Extraction Business Course was written and conducted by successful extraction business leaders and instructors. The course is self paced, on demand and accessible on any device, at any time.  Order now.

Access the course for 12 months, and learn the most important aspects of the business of extraction.  All materials and curriculum are reviewed and approved by our industry leaders, as well as our Medical Advisory Board of MDs and RNs.

Our program includes:

  • Extraction Industry overview
  • The importance of proper extraction methods
  • Types of extractions
  • Types of equipment
  • The risks of improper extraction
  • Business potential of extractions, income generation
  • Post Extraction Refining
  • Sourcing equipment, financing, facilities required.
  • Licensing/Permitting
  • Panel Q&A

You will receive a Certification upon successful completion of all the course modules and a short quiz...Our Certification is the Gold Standard in the industry and is approved by Icann ( suitable for framing and accepted by most businesses in the industry.