CBD Skincare Course

Over 130 Million Americans have said they want to try CBD!

CBD Training Academy’s Skincare course teaches you & your employees what you’ll need to know to work with CBD in your spa or skincare related business or practice.  

Training is live and/or online so you can take it whenever it’s most convenient for you and your team.

The CBD Training Academy’s Skincare course will teach you about the rapidly growing and changing industry – you’ll learn how to turn the incredible new consumer awareness into profits for your business and most importantly how to get the fantastic skincare results people are clamoring for.

The course includes multiple in-depth modules that cover:

  • The highly effective anti-aging/anti-inflammatory skincare benefits of CBD
  • The Science of CBD: Why & how CBD works, the difference between hemp-derived and marijuana-derived CBD and more
  • Proper methods: Administration and correct dosing
  • How to integrate CBD into your spa services: build a significant income selling retail CBD products to your clients that will keep coming back every month
  • The Human Endocannabinoid System: Our built-in cannabinoid receptors that make CBD more effective


  • Conditions that benefit from CBD: Skin Cancer, Eczema and Psoriasis & more
  • CBD Legal Issues: The laws & changing regulations
  • Growing Consumer Awareness: helps your business sell more products and services that contain CBD
  • The future of CBD: What to expect in the upcoming months and years  
  • How to successfully select an existing CBD product line or a white label product (that’s been certified and that works)   


CBD for skincare and beauty course