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The people we have met along the road are our greatest pride and joy – we have taught thousands of students and awarded as many certifications – helping our graduates to build their businesses, excel at their jobs, teach others and pass along the gift of healing.

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Having this program is excellent because it brings together everything in a well-organized format and creates a real way for us to get educated and actually be able to educate the consumer, which is a real problem in the industry.

Paul Echevarria,
Miami Businessman & Indianapolis Coach Course Graduate

We would like to take a moment to thank all of our students for sending us all this positive feedback about our classes. We have received hundreds of written testimonials about us (see below) and are immensely grateful for the time and feedback.  Thank you all so much and keep ’em coming!

The CBD Training Academy Team

MORE Testimonials – What our students are saying!

My name is Gino Ventrice and I work for a CBD company called Cannabreze Virginia Hemp. I just want to say I absolutely love your training academy and every one of the medical professionals involved with the courses. I have learned so much vital information and my passion for the industry continues to grow every single day. Currently, we have a corporate package set up with you and I have completed all the fundamental educational courses, including the Certified CBD Adviser course.
I really have a strong passion for not just the cannabis industry, but for assisting people with health and wellness and finding the right solution for people’s needs. I want to take my knowledge and passion to the next level and be a part of something bigger.
Thank you so much again for this opportunity and for your time. You are a huge inspiration and I want to make an impact on the world, through cannabis, just like you have.
Gino Ventrice

Icann Training Academy is a very amazing program with so many qualified professionals with historical and current knowledge of Cannabis. The support is outstanding and the instructors are really great in their area of expertise. I cannot wait to take another course like CBD and GI Health or CBD for Pain. There are numerous courses that offer more education about the medical benefits of CBD and THC. I really enjoyed taking the CBD advisor course. I learned many things that I did not even know about regarding Cannabis and the hundreds of medicinal benefits that this great plant can offer. I think the most valuable part of the course, to me, was learning about the Endocannabinoid System and how it helps to regulate our immune system. Awesome program, great instructors! This program will help anyone with a business in CBD or medical background who wants to learn about CBD.

THANK YOU ICANN & CBD Training Academy and Mr. R. Diamond.

Jeremy Cerqua

Thank you for the very informative and helpful presentation. I left knowing much more about the latest research on CBD interactions with medications and honestly feel more equipped to make decisions on products. I especially found it fascinating how genetics play a role and the way the liver uses different enzymes to work with drugs. Thanks again for the talk. advisor course. I learned many things that I did not even know about regarding Cannabis and the hundreds of medicinal benefits that this great plant can offer. I think the most valuable part of the course, to me, was learning about the Endocannabinoid System and how it helps to regulate our immune system. Awesome program, great instructors! This program will help anyone with a business in CBD or medical background who wants to learn about CBD.

THANK YOU Rick Diamond, ICANN & the whole team at CBD Training Academy.

Kirstin Berk

I am studying to be a naturopathic health and wellness coach and my mission is to offer advice and resources on natural products that can help with both physical and mental illnesses. I have severe nerve damage, fibromyalgia, and osteoarthritis and use CBD and other herbal remedies. I use CBD as an ingredient in several of my herbal products and they work wonders. So I am excited to learn more.

When my husband and I first discovered CBD and its many healing properties, we heard about this. He is now managing a CBD shop and has helped me find the right products to help my CNS disorders. I am so excited about taking these courses, I can now learn more about the plants, so I can help my husband help those looking for alternative natural products to help with their illnesses.

(ALSO, regarding a specific course:) Great information. I visited your website. I am so excited to get to know you more and learn from you. Really enjoy how this is put together. This was such a very well-organized and very informative video. Thank you.

Nichole Fisher

Thank you very much, very helpful information. I look forward to learning more from this academy. This is very helpful information! (RE: the Advanced CBD Sales Strategies Course.)

Awesome 😎
Michael Mitchem

I’m very excited to learn more about CBD.
Kameel Tabsharani

“It was a great program and I had an excellent experience.”
Brandon Holmes

Very informative well explained module. Really enjoying the course.
Beverley Mallabar

Wow! I learned so much from the CBD 1-2-3 Course
Melissa Brown

Looking forward to learning more!
Kim Davis

Thanks for all the info. I will definitely be checking out the resources page and maybe another class in the future. I would like to thank the CBD training academy for the great training from the extraction business course. By obtaining the certification I already have my first interview in less than a week. I’m so excited and appreciative of everything the Cbd training academy has provided. Thanks again.

This has been the most interesting and informative experience for me so far! These people are truly going to help CBD KIK excel to the next level. Best networking experience! Highly recommend:)
Brittany Fountain

The CBD 1-2-3 Course was super helpful, thank you!
Noah Marmar

Loads of great information, so set aside some time to take it all in. Thanks for sharing this.
Tanja Kränzlein Keller

I am very interested in learning (about) CBD edibles.
Fred Fischer

This was a great workshop and I took lots of notes. I had a few light bulb moments where I have noted to pay extra attention in my own undertaking of this One Page Marketing Plan. I feel I have heard, learned bits and pieces of this before, however, the layout and explanations in today’s ever-changing market have given me new and improved insight to do better. Thank you, Richard, Emily, and Maria for this wonderful collaboration.
Denise Riley

Good info!

Carlos Randall

GREAT! (re: CBD123) 
Deborah Shields

I feel privileged to have such a fabulous team at my fingertips! Look forward to learning from you! Thank you Donna 
Donna Nunn

This was a very informative class. I look forward to learning more…..(said after taking the CBD Free Membership Courses).
Caiphia Morrow

Great instructors.
Vicki Buckley

Bernadine Finau

I am very excited to continue my educational experience, passion, and enjoyment for the CBD World (with the CBD Training Academy)…My Journey Continues! 
Shamara Zinnerman

Took me 3 months of digging and researching the product before I decided to actually try it for the first time. I was reluctant because I just wanted to know as much as I possibly could about this CBD stuff. I signed up to go to CBD Expo East and then found out there was a training class being offered. I signed up in no time! All I can say it was everything I expected and then some. We heard from Doctors, Authors, Business Owners, Marketers and even learned how to make the product ourselves! Who’s an expert on CBD?! ME!!! Thanks to CBD Training Academy! Thanks
Tony Barragan

Great to join The CBD Training Academy!

Tanmay Sharma

Can’t wait to start! (said after signing up for a membership program).
Maureen Novak

Thank you for this chance to increase my knowledge
Susan Foley

I am the Marketing Director for Clean Imagineering, a company that has been in the extraction industry for 30+ years. We are currently entering the Cannabis Extraction market and were in need of education to get us up to speed. The CBD Training Academy and ICANN have a great selection of courses with professional instructors. As a marketer for 11+ years I found that these certified courses gave me great ideas for strategy and tactics to implement into our emerging Cannabis marketing plan. Highly recommend! (from Yelp)

Amanda B.

Joan Ackman

The CBD Training Academy is amazing! The instructors are professionals and very knowledgeable. The amount of learning will expand anyone’s mind regarding CBD and the numerous medicinal benefits of Cannabis. I would strongly recommend this CBD program for anyone who has a CBD business or someone who wants a thorough education in CBD. Thank you CBD Training Academy! (from Yelp)

Jeremy C.

I truly love this course! (said about the CBD for Everyone Course).
Jasmaine Perez

Great Presentation. (RE: CBD 123)
Deborah Shields

Great presentation, thanks very much! (RE: Advisor Course)
Rosemary Austin

Great information. I am looking forward to learning more! I would love to get a newsletter, please! Thank you. 🙂
(and also:) 
Hi there, I have been using CBD for about 3 years now, and it has changed my life in many ways! I am hoping to learn more about it so that I can be an ambassador and tell others. thank you for this opportunity! 
Peggy Seivert


Many thanks .. I am passionate about this
Sununguli Mfundisi

I am excited to get started and I hope that there are future events Dr. Jacknin will be presenting at – about the “CBD for Skincare & Beauty” Course
Chanel Chambers

Thank you for you help and advice. I’m looking forward to learning more about this product.  
Joanna Morgan

They try hard to please people. The company seems to be going in an even better direction than it was in the past. (from Yelp)

Austin I.

Excellent CBD training and more! (from Yelp)

Warren K.

Thank you for awarding me the opportunity to learn more about this industry.. (Re: Level I Membership program).  
Jannise McKamey-Bruell

Very helpful information. enjoyed this course (RE: Extraction Certification Course)
Casper Monotya

Dr. Jacknin is great. I would like to attend the Cannabinoids and Pain and Women’s Wellness Courses in 2021….(said after taking the CBD & Skincare Course).
Aya Cass Anzai

Very excited to learn more about CDB!
Margaret Davis

Great. Look forward to learning all that I can!… I’m very optimistic about this journey!
Nigel Gibbs

Great and insightful information here. It’s a great start for me in my learning.
Adolph Finley

This module has just taken learning to another level!!! My understanding now, (includes) what sits at the heart of healing when using CBD, why it is essential, and how it all comes together. Thank you!
John Stewart

Wow, this is great. I am looking forward to this training!!

Ketankumr Patel

So many people with varying expertise areas. There’s a lot of experienced people on this panel.  Looking forward to learning more!

Michael Hager

I enjoyed reading every step of this training. Thank you.  (RE: CBD123)
Sandra McCloud

Thank you for offering these course, I can’t wait to empower people to feel better naturally.
Michelle Etienne

It’s new and intriguing!
Deandre Brown

Impressed with credentials.
Kelly Tresoor

Lesson 6 was very informative and I found that Dr. Adam Abodeely was also very enlightening, (He had a great deal of knowledge on the scientific aspects of CBD). Thank you!


Hubert Pellegrini

Very Good!
Tshepo Oliphant

Looking forward to learning MORE interesting things. Thanks
Tshering Zangmo

Great!!  (RE: Membership) and Very Educated!! (RE: Instructors)

Susan Williamson

I am looking forward to learning about CBD in this course; so excited!


Natanya Moton

This CBD 1-2-3 course was more than I expected. I learned a lot & it makes me more curious about your other courses. Thank you
Elaine Edwards

I am looking forward to learning more thanks.
Kenji Yamada

So Excited!
Tanya Taylor

Interested to learn more!

Ryan McFarland

Donald Berisford

Always very informative, very much appreciated. Thank you, Rick.
Gina Spillari

LaWanda Jackson

WOW! [What] an amazing speaker and comes across so genuine! Thank you for the testimony of her overcoming MS w/the aid of CBD! (RE: Coach Course).  
Gina Wade

Exciting Presentation My Be Just Right for a New Adventure!

Karl Froehlich

Thanks for the interesting facts. Will replay😊

Niki Spitzer

Good stuff (said about the Certified CBD Advisor Course).
Brandon Stephens

I am very happy to start the training; I have followed them (CBD Training Academy) for a long time. (They have) good quality information and useful material.  (from Yelp)

Paola F.

Hello everyone! I’m looking forward to learning and discovering more about the CBD industry.
Keiona Salters

Thank you for being considerate to offer a beginner course free of charge in times such as the one we are in. It is greatly appreciated.
Lotosha Moses

I can’t wait to start learning!
Shaterria Marshall

Hi, I really enjoyed this training!
Crystal Davis

I am very amazed, this course is so much more than I expected! Great course! AWESOME!!!! (re: Membership)
Brian Madrid

Thanks for the interesting facts (about the Advisor Course). Will replay.
Niki Spitzer

Elated to join from Louisiana!!!
Monique Landry-Jackson

Thank you to letting me be part of your family – Perfect! (re: Membership) 
David Rafeh

So far I am enjoying learning about CBD. I deal with chronic back pain and after trying CBD salve I found that it really helped more than I had hoped. I’d then like to take my training and be able to help others, a world with pain isn’t a world at all…it’s a prison. I’m really excited to start learning from all of these amazing people. It’s exactly what I want to do, help others and it’s all great!
Victorya L James

Great. Wonderful. So excited. Informative!
Rhonda Walton

WoW!! All this phenomenal knowledge!! In my opinion, some of the BEST in the industry!
Brian Madrid

This sounds amazing! Thanks for the guidance you’re all amazing too. 👏 Also, excited to learn from Scotland!
Tracie Bicker

Great, I’m ready to learn!
Jackie Ruiz

Awesome & very informative. Super excited to be part of CBD academy Thanks! RE: The Membership Program
Yvonne Gonz

Super excited and it’s free! Wow. Thanks you guys. (Re: Level I Membership program).  
Jennifer Eisweirth

Great Information!!!!!
Veronica Merriwether

Looking forward to learning more thanks.
Kati Montgomery

Thank you and I am very excited to begin this journey
Chanel Chambers

Nicole Gonzales

Thanks Everybody This is very helpful for me.
Darshan Bahutale

Great introduction, looking forward to learning more.
Brian Rose

Great info.
Kim Roberts

Very excited to learn new things and excited to learn how to grow my own business!
Malinda Soto

Great & informative presentation 👍🏿
Bola Star

I am looking for ways to reinvent my self and I am very interested in CBD WELLNESS. I am so excited to begin. Thanks
Tracy Houston

I had a great educational experience. Thank You! (said after taking the CBD Biz 101 Course).
Nia Love

I’m so excited to take this course and learn more about this CBD journey!
Rosa Rivera

Very informing. Makes me happy to be a part of this team. I absolutely love these classes…
Mauriceo Mcknight

Thank you. Good Information.
Alicia Y Henderson

Newbie, excited to learn!
Vernitia Johnson

I really appreciate and enjoyed to learn something new
Sipho Mahlolo

Great info!!. Thank you! (said about the CBD 1-2-3 Course).  
Marisa Pooler

I own a store that sells CBD products. I am continuing to learn more from you about it and am glad to share the knowledge with my customers.
Kara Nunez

I purchased a class a few months back and recommend the programs Rick and his team have put together. Not only is there a lot of content to learn but you will have someone to guide you with any questions or concerns in the future. Thank you CBD Training Academy for putting information together in this very early process and education of CBD. (from Yelp)

Diana G.

The above names & comments are correct but the photos may or may not be accurate for each student.  If you are one of the above graduates and would like to submit a new photo, please use our contact form on this page.  Thank you.


Book-keeper for a non-profit organization

Kim Collier

Collier Concepts

April Allison

President/CEO for MLM organization- Opa Life

Cindy & Sister

Nurse, Layola University/Entrepreneur