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Interested in becoming one of our CBD speakers?  Join more than 35 experts from around the world and throughout all aspects of the Cannabis industry.

Our Speakers....

We are very happy to be working with an incredible group of instructors, speakers, advisors & mentors.

Creating a science-based CBD training program is a very involved process that requires the expertise of a variety of skilled individuals. Once our comprehensive classes are created, our expert industry-savvy instructors present the materials in an exciting and memorable way. Our operations/logistics team then ensures that our team is delivering the best experience possible to participants.

Our Instructors are a crucial part of this process and they not only help to create the classes, but they also mentor our students at multiple points throughout the process, greatly enhancing our student’s experiences.

We are always looking for new instructors, speakers and mentors to join us on this journey. We are looking to add advisors, CBD experts, trainers, marketing partners, medical professionals, manufacturers, and others….please let us know if you are interested!

Some of our Expert Instructors & Mentors

Heidi Urness

Heidi Urness, Esquire, has developed a national reputation as a skillful, tenacious, and results-focused attorney.

Heidi attended Wake Forest University where she obtained degrees in psychology and journalism, and the University of San Francisco School of Law, where she was recognized for both her outstanding writing and oral argument skills.


Upon graduation, Heidi cut her teeth in the Superior and Appellate Courts of San Francisco and Contra Costa County and later served under the Presiding Justice of the First District Court of Appeal. 

Heidi relocated to Seattle and joined 7 Point Law, and later Cultiva Law as Senior Strategic Counsel where she was first exposed to litigation in the cannabis industry.

Heidi was appointed to the Editorial Advisory Committee of the WSBA in 2018, is a member of the WSBA Cannabis Law Section, is a leading author on CBD, hemp, and marijuana law, and a regular contributor to Marijuana Venture, CannaBiz Journal, and the Cannabis Law Journal. She was also recently named one of the Top 30 Cannabis Litigators You Should Know, a “Rising Star,” and has been asked to speak throughout the nation on the topic of CBD laws, including most recently the CBD Expo and Women Grow Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C.


Zac Pilossoph

Dr. Zac Pilossoph, a Long Island, NY born, nationally recognized veterinary medical professional, a top graduate of Tufts University Veterinary School of Medicine with postgraduate focused training in E/CC and Neurology/Neurosurgery at two of the most recognized programs in the country, and a young multidimensional serial entrepreneur, has rapidly and collaboratively helped promote a new wave of global evolution and individual empowerment in more ways than one. 


In addition to developing and launching several novel platforms in the veterinary and mental health fields, he is now quickly joining some of the most reputable leaders in the cannabis education and innovation space. Dr. Pilossoph is determined to synergize with colleagues, allowing evidence-based information to fuel a rapidly expanding industry.

CBD Training Academy Business Builder Course Speaker

Shrylena Bogard

Dr. Shyrlena Bogard is a board-certified Physician, Intimacy Coach, and Speaker. She has devoted her career to helping men, women, and couples overcome struggles in
intimacy and sexual function so they can re-ignite the sparks in their relationships. With her five must-haves of sexual wellness, Dr. Bogard has helped many clients regain the confidence and vitality to enjoy intimacy like never before.


She is the founder of IntaME™ Health, a global brand whose mission is to make sex a healthy conversation and bring healing to those living with the hidden scars of past
sexual trauma and dysfunction.

IntaME™ hosts a suite of educational and coaching experiences along with powerful life-renewing retreats for those ready to be the brilliantly confident, energetic, and passionate individuals they know themselves to be. Dr. Bogard welcomes you to join her on a path of self-discovery to unlock the buried desires you dare not say out loud. What you unleash in your bedroom, you unleash in
your entire life. Her question is, “how powerful do you want your life to be?” If you will do the work, she will help you get there. It’s time to get your sexy back!

Matt Weschler

Matt is a CBD chemist and formulator, with experience in marketing, sales, applications, product management, & project management. Matt is also experienced in CBD & Hemp extraction, as well as CBD and terpene chemistry. Matt takes special pride in providing specialized/personalized customer service and always puts his customers first and provides products to industry professionals at both the retail and wholesale levels as well as selling full-service white label CBD services. 


Dr. Jacknin has recently been interviewed on topical cannabinoids by The New York Times online magazine, Marijuana.com, and High Times, Vogue, The Washington Post, La Presse, and the Canadian Globe and Mail, New Beauty, Reader’s Digest, and many other media sources Specialties: CBD, cannabinoids, and cannabis in beauty and skin disorder, natural cosmeceuticals and skin care.

Sean Gale

Sean brings his 28 years of retail pharmacy experience to the forefront while researching and writing about CBD. His passion is to help people understand how to take CBD and get the most out of this revolutionary naturopathic supplement. Sean’s desire is to break down the complicated and sometimes tumultuous world of CBD into bite-size, easily explained nuggets. Sean is also the founder of Awaken to CBD, an innovative CBD Brand.


Sean is the author of the book called “Awaken to CBD” which supplies you with the resources to become an industry expert yourself. Sean believes that with the right product, taken in the correct manner, that CBD has the potential to do wonderful things.  https://awakentocbd.com/

Charlie Piermarini

Charlie Piermarini, PA-C, MSPAS, MS, MPH, graduated from Touro University of California where he completed a dual Master’s of Science in Physician Assistant Science (MSPAS) and Public Health (MPH) in 2015. He practiced family medicine, urgent care, and then moved into pain management in Arizona. He also is the founder and CEO of Restorative Care of Arizona, which is a patient-centric wellness clinic in Phoenix, Arizona specializing in personalized medicine and taking care of the whole patient.

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After seeing many of his pain patients achieve great results with CBD, but some of them having THC in their drug screenings- he started to research CBD and the ECS.

After a few years of research and successfully treating many patients, he has started his own CBD company to ensure the quality of products that his patients receive.


Dr. Jake Felice

Dr. Jake Felice, N.D., L.M.P. is a charismatic public speaker and social media expert on the topic of medical cannabis. As a consultant and national cannabis brand ambassador, Dr. Felice provides scientific, medical, public relations, and compliance based advice for companies in emerging and existing cannabis markets. Dr. Felice has consulted for major cannabis companies including for Willie Nelson’s brand, Cannabis Basics, Medical Marijuana 411, Seattle Central College, and The Academy of Cannabis Science. He is a recognized cannabis expert and blogger at www.CannabisMatrix.com.


Melissa Stapley

Melissa (MJ) Stapley has more than 10 years of total management and leadership experience, along with a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership from South University in Savanah, GA.  She entered the cannabis industry close to 5 years ago and focused on sales and cannabis education in this space. She has a passion for leadership training and cannabis education which led to the birth of MJ Hybrid Solutions which offers a unique training solution for cannabis professionals.  


Adrian de la Torre

Dr. Adrian de la Torre has seen thousands of faces over the last 30 years and has developed the “TEN20 System” that makes patients look 10 years younger in 20 minutes. After using hundreds of different age reducing products over the years, Dr. de la Torre has discovered which combination of treatments work best to produce the most dramatic results. Over his career, he has helped many clients with their age related issues, keeping them looking younger and more beautiful as they get older.


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“Lines and wrinkles are a natural part of aging, but they can rob a woman of her confidence. In this day and age women can age confidently – and the proper combination of treatments can be highly effective in obtaining this result” noted Dr. de la Torre from his anti-aging clinic in Orange County, CA.

Graduating with an MD from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis in 1981, Dr. de la Torre is Board Certified and has worked in the Aesthetic Medical Field for more than 20 years. He was the medical director for the fast growing NeuImage Skin Rejuvenation Clinic and led their team of professionals throughout his tenure there.

Dr. de la Torre has extensive experience with stem cell therapies, injectables and dermal fillers and although still a practicing physician, he is the Founder and Chief Medical Officer of DrTEN20 in Dana Point, California.

Jeanette Jacknin

Dr. Jacknin is a board-certified dermatologist, author, national speaker, and consultant, with expertise in holistic dermatology, natural cosmeceuticals, and topical hemp and cannabinoids for beauty and health. She has given over 45 national talks on holistic skin care over the past 9 years, and 10 international talks on topical CBD in skincare in the last 3 years. 

Janice Blair

Janice Blair has experience in Executive financial management and financial consulting within a diverse blend of industries, she brings an understanding of unique industry situations, how they show up in the financial statements, and how we can chart the future course.  In addition to having a successful career, she raised her family on her organic farm.  


Danielle Borzor

Danielle Borzor, the founder and CEO of JūLivWELL, is a certified Physician Assistant (PA) for over 22 years. She graduated from the inaugural PA class of Beaver College, now Arcadia
University, in Philadelphia and has years of experience working with patients in various clinical settings such as family practice, interventional radiology, emergency/trauma medicine, and pediatrics. Danielle draws upon her thousands of interactions with patients over the last 22 years to coach her nutrition and CBD clients.

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As a certified nutrition and CBD expert, Danielle guides her clients to feel better through habit-based coaching. Her goal is to help her clients live their best life, by living well daily.

Master of Science, Physician Assistant Studies, Beaver College, 1998
Bachelor of Arts, Biology, LaSalle University, 1996
Precision Nutrition, Level 1 Coach, 2019
National Council on Strength and Fitness, Certified Strength Coach, 2019
CBD Training Academy, Certified CBD Coach, 2019
Physician Assistant National Recertifying Exam, 2016


Rod Kight

Rod Kight, Esquire is an attorney who represents businesses in the cannabis industry and helps clients stay compliant with evolving laws and regulations, assists with strategic planning, connects clients with others in the industry, and offers a full suite of business services to the cannabis sector, including entity formation, partnerships, and joint ventures, transactions, contracts, trademarks and intellectual property, and other business law services. 

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He is the chief writer and editor of the Kight on Cannabis legal blog as well as founder and principal of Kight Law Office PC. 

William Loucks Jr

Bill was with the Metro Nashville PD and is currently an instructor/course developer for the North Carolina Department of Justice-Justice Academy (NCJA) in Edneyville, North Carolina. Bill is the North Carolina state school director for the prescription drug diversion investigator and supervisors commissioned courses.

Bill currently develops narcotic and gang lesson plans for the North Carolina Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET)…

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and in-service training for the 35,000 plus sworn law enforcement officers in NC. 

He has also instructed more than 6000 people in narcotics, clandestine lab, and gang issues to include judges, district attorneys, grand juries, community leaders, educators, doctors, nurses, and police and fire personnel. Read more below:

Bill Loucks retired from the Metro Nashville Tennessee Police Department in August 2018. Bill spent 12 of his almost 16 years with Metro PD working as a gang and narcotics detective. Throughout his time with Metro PD, Bill had written more than 700 search warrants and been involved in more than 1000 search warrant executions. He has been the affiant and taken part in TIII (wiretap) cases. He has testified as a subject matter expert in gangs and meth labs in Juvenile, General Sessions and Criminal Courts in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee.

Bill is currently an instructor/course developer for the North Carolina Department of Justice-Justice Academy (NCJA) in Edneyville, North Carolina. Bill is the North Carolina state school director for the prescription drug diversion investigator and supervisors commissioned courses. Bill is also the qualified assistant (Q.A.) state school director over the specialized explosives & hazardous materials commissioned course.

Bill currently develops narcotic and gang lesson plans for the North Carolina Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) and in-service training for the 35,000 plus sworn law enforcement officers in NC. He also develops and instructs various narcotics courses for NCJA. Bill is a sworn deputy (reserve) with the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office in NC. He is also an associate board member for the International Narcotics Interdiction Association (INIA).

Bill has instructed more than 6000 people in narcotics, clandestine lab, and gang issues to include judges, district attorneys, grand juries, community leaders, educators, doctors, nurses, and police and fire personnel. Bill is also a Tennessee Peace Officer Standards & Training (POST) Commission-certified General and Specialized Instructor, North Carolina General Instructor, and Specialized Instructor. Bill also has published work in North Carolina Justice Academy course materials and Tennessee Narcotics Officers Association (TNOA) annual magazines. He has also been a special guest speaker on the radio talk show “Crime Time Central.”

Bill also created a 40 hr clandestine lab responders certification course for Metro PD.  He incorporated different professionals such as district attorneys, hazmat technicians, forensic scientists, and medical personnel to assist in teaching from various disciplines within the criminal justice system. Before leaving Metro PD, Bill and his team had instructed and certified more than 300 police, fire, hazmat technicians, district attorney’s and federal chemical response teams. The district attorney’s that attended his course was the first in the State of Tennessee to have that certification and training.

Before his police career, Bill spent 8 ½ years in the United States Army. Bill served three years as a cannon member in the 82nd Airborne Division. In his last five years, Bill worked as a Flight Engineer with the Task Force 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR) (Night Stalkers) on the MH-47E Chinook helicopter. Bill achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant (SSG) before leaving the Army for a career in policing.  


Sharon Benson

Sharon Benson, OBM, OBMCT, ICC has been in the online space since 2002. She started as a virtual assistant and quickly became known as your go-to-gal to get things done quickly and efficiently. Her repertoire of tech knowledge is legendary! She has worked on 6 & 7 figure launches with some of the biggest names in the industry.

As an Infusionsoft by Keap Certified Consultant and Certified Online Business Manager® and Trainer, Sharon has a unique perspective with every client she works with.

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She takes a 360-degree approach to make sure that not only is your membership portal or marketing automation set up properly and is what you asked for but she goes above and beyond and strategizes with YOU the best way to do things for your target market and your business.

Sharon lives in Reno, Nevada with her husband and two kitties!

Kurt Metros

Kurt Metros is the co-founder of Extract Consultants, leading developers of terpene blends and flavors specifically designed for use in CBD, hemp and cannabis products. For the last 25 years, Kurt has worked closely with B2C corporations, including pharmaceutical giants, to help build their brands. 

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His business development experience allows him to help companies develop innovative and unique products to meet various market demands. He earned his B.A. in Economics at Loyola University of Chicago. www.extractconsultants.com

Phillip Northcutt

Philip is a former United States Marine, a cannabis consultant, the founder, and acting CEO of Sierra Gold Hemp. He was raised in Long Beach, lived in Green Valley for several years before opening the Sierra Gold lab in Pahrump, Nevada. He started his entrepreneurial path as a party host, then opened a cafe, and a vintage store before moving into the cannabis sector. 

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Phil founded Land-4-215, 420FarmlandUSA.com, Sierra Gold Distribution, and ROS1N (Ros_One) Extraction Machines. Phil is a member of the University of Nevada-Hemp Advisory Board, he serves on the board of directors for KVMR.org, and is a member of the Farmer Veteran Coalition. He has produced cannabis events and speaks publicly about cannabis, education and veteran issues. https://sierragoldhemp.com

John MacKay

John A. MacKay, PhD earned his B.A. in Chemistry at St. Lawrence University. He also earned his Ph.D. At the University of Vermont, where he focused on Inorganic Chemistry and on the synthesis of cancer-fighting compounds. John is a widely recognized scientific expert in sub and supercritical fluid for chromatography and extraction within the botanical space.

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John seeks to merge the seemingly disparate technologies together and create a synergy to optimize your workflow. His method is based on Six Sigma principles and practices. https://vos.vet/dr-john-mackay-lead-chemist-vos-llc/

Dr. Philip Blair

Col. Philip Blair, MD, is a board certified Family Physician licensed in Washington State . He graduated from West Point in 1972 and attended University of Miami School of Medicine and trained as a family physician. He had assignments in Georgia, Louisiana, Washington, Oklahoma, Texas, Hawaii, Kansas, Italy, Korea, Germany, and the Gulf War. 

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After retiring from the Army in 1996 he managed workers injuries and provided primary care above the Arctic Circle in Alaska. He also provided services in Kodiac Island and Newfoundland, Canada. In 2000 he became Vice President for Disease Management at AWAC, Inc., an medical management company, where he co-developed a highly successful interventional approach to chronic kidney disease. In 2011 he formed his own company consulting for employer based health insurers and providing a revolutionary style of chronic disease management achieving success in over 75% of patients with diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease and metabolic syndrome. http://www.drphilipblair.com/about-me.html

Roger Brown

Roger Brown, CEO/President: Mr. Brown co-founded ACS in 2008. ACS Laboratory is the largest cannabis and CBD/Hemp testing laboratory in the southeastern USA. Utilizing their vast experience in high complexity laboratory tests they developed proprietary testing methods for cannabis, hemp and all derivatives.

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ACS Laboratory developed high complexity laboratory proprietary tests for potency, pesticides, terpenes, microbials, pathogens, mycotoxins, heavy metals, plant regulators, flavonoids, and micronutrients.

The Company’s 17,500 square foot state of the art laboratory is located in Sun City Center, Florida. ACS received 14 Emerald Awards, more than any laboratory in the eastern USA. www.Acslabcannabis.com

CBD Training Academy Business Builder Course Speaker

Neal Thompson

Neal Thompson is a veteran sales/marketing/training executive who is on staff at Hempsi Live Oil as a trainer and the Brand Ambassador corporate liaison. Prior to Hempsi, Neal served as Vice President, Sales, and Marketing for Trusted Green, a hemp and cannabis agricultural supplement company. Previously he worked at SERVPRO as a regional Vice President where he was an on-site education developer, social media marketing trainer, and curriculum manager for the franchise system. 

Jen Kerr

My CBD journey began in June 2017, when my beloved St. Bernard, Birdie, was diagnosed with a terminal illness.  She had been given a very short time line and we were told to take her home and keep her comfortable for as long as possible.  We found CBD oil that same day and I sincerely believe it restored her quality of life for two full months before we lost her in August 2017. I am now an instructor with the CBD Training Academy and have hosted over 100 presentations throughout the US on how and why CBD works. 

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I have also had the privilege of training some medical health professionals in my area. My passion is to help people understand how and why CBD oil works with the Endocannabinoid System and how to identify a good quality product.  I created Good Karma Hemp Co., LLC in Birdie’s memory because I believe everyone deserves a good quality product without additives/fillers, without solvents and without contaminants.

Mark Goldfogel 

Mark Goldfogel is a published author of Smoking Something – The Cannabis Paradox, speaker, and founder or co-founder of seven companies—four in the cannabis industry since 2010. He was also instrumental in The Fourth Corner Credit Union which is leading the legal fight to allow banking for the cannabis industry. A Summa Cum Laude business graduate of the University of Denver, Mark runs I Work For Cannabis, a cannabis startup consulting company based in Paradox, Colorado.

Justin Walsh

Justin is a senior litigation attorney at Gleam Law and a “cum laude” graduate of Seattle University School of Law and has been named a Rising Star by Superlawyers.com for seven consecutive years – 2012 through 2018.

Justin advises clients on Cannabis, CBD, and Hemp regulation and provides representation of clients before the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board and assists clients with all aspects of their business, including formation, transactions, protection of intellectual property, LCB compliance, FDA compliance, and all other aspects of this ever-changing field. https://www.gleamlaw.com/cannabis-attorneys/justin-walsh/

Jimm Harrison

Jimm Harrison is a master aromatherapist with a background unlike any other expert in the field. Jimm has 30 years of extensive experience in botanical health and natural beauty, specializing in the therapeutic use of essential oils. His key areas of expertise include product development, formulation, education, and essential oil project management.

Michael Fertucci

Michael Fertucci is the founder and Chief Formulator at Green Spectrums—a CBD & Hemp manufacturing company located in Hopewell Junction, NY. After working as a certified Chef and Pastry-Chef in the gourmet food industry for 20 years in places such as The Plaza Hotel (NYC), The Hyatt (Naples, FL, Hilton Head Island, SC), Michael brought his culinary talents to the world of CBD. What started off with incredible flavors of CBD infused ice cream, delivered in a cool custom graffitied ice cream truck, has grown into an extensive product line of high end, effective CBD edibles and topicals. From traditional gummies to the innovative “Orbz”, the bright, unique, and not-so-traditional flavor profiles will be sure to enliven the palate.

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With licenses for edible products and cosmetic formulations, Michael uses his culinary expertise to create high-quality CBD products.

Michael’s company, Green Spectrums, manufactures products that blend CBD with organic ingredients, fresh fruit, essential oils, and natural terpenes. Green Spectrums is a company dedicated to providing people with a safe, effective treatment for various conditions. Michael hopes to educate people on the many health benefits of CBD and provide a natural alternative to other harsh treatment methods for ailments of the body and mind.

Emily Andros

Ms. Andros has had a 25+ year career in advertising & marketing management.  She is a specialist in writing marketing plans & developing brands that are based on extensive client research including in-depth analysis of their competition, target markets, significant margins of difference, and pricing/product development. Emily’s forte includes bridging the gap between marketing production and fundamental company strategies i.e., she ensures that marketing efforts are successful and results-producing. She has spent many years of her career managing graphic designers, writers, and web programmers to create campaigns that are memorable, consistent, and successful. www.icannmarketing.com

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Emily has directed a number of Addy Award-winning campaigns and has also written & executed several multi-million-dollar advertising & marketing budgets representing a number of industries but with a particular specialization in Medicine, Wellness & Med Spas.


Rick Diamond

Rick Diamond is the Founder of the CBD Training Academy where he works with an amazing team of educators focused on teaching everything CBD.  He has been the CEO of 3 healthcare tech startups and was co-founder and CEO of a leading training company focused on marketing. He is also an advisor to many CBD & wellness startups through the Inner Circle Accelerator Program. The mission of the CBD Training Academy is to train 10,000  Professionals and to help 100 million people around the world to improve their health and wellness through the company’s educational platform. He is also involved with the Longevity Training Academy.  www.longevitytrainingacademy.com 

Ashley Tovar

Ashley Tovar is a growth marketer for WELLTHY, Icann Marketing, and CBD Training Academy. Her entrepreneurial career started shortly after graduating from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo when she started her wedding discount company. In 16 weeks, she built a website, brand, established hundreds of partnerships, incorporated, raised investments, and learned what it was like to build a company from the ground up. She later went on to work on email campaigns for a major home improvement company which averaged over $100,000 in revenue per email and also worked for a national accounting firm located in Bellevue, Washington, for which she assisted in acquiring over $1,000,000 in revenue in her first year. 

Jeremy Vasquez

Jeremy Vasquez has been a resident of Sunnyslope since 1991 and graduated from Sunnyslope High School in 1996. He prides himself on being a community servant and educating the community on all sorts of things he is passionate about. One of these things is his love for plants and the benefits they bring to our lives.

Jeremy has a deep love for nature and all things related to it, and he has spent many years educating others on how to grow their own gardens. Growing food and herbs for medicine is a lost art when it comes to city life and Jeremy’s passion with indoor cultivation, enables him to teach people different ways to achieve success when it comes to gardening in the desert.

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In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with family, exploring, fishing and volunteering. He recommends that everyone volunteer at some point in their lives and give back if they are able to. Community is everything in Jeremy’s eyes and he looks forward to promoting the health and wellness of others through education and great products through his new website at DYNAPURECBD.com and store located in Phoenix, Arizona.