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Do all your classes have certifications?

No only certain classes come with the original CBD Training Academy Certification, however, non-certification courses do come with a Certificate of Completion upon request. Certifications and Certificates of Completion are sent out after students have successfully completed the course and graduated from the online course test with a score of 75% or higher.

Do your courses require any prerequisites? 

No you do not need to pass any exams to be able to take our courses, however since you will be taking the online course and class exams with your computer it will be necessary for you to have a basic knowledge of the computer. 

How much can I earn as a Certified CBD Coach?

The amazing growth of CBD will allow Certified CBD Coaches to get new clients and upsell current clients. Different coaches will have pricing based on their experience and location. Many coaches can expect to make $100,000 or more per year full time.

What makes the CBD Training Academy unique or different?

The CBD Training Academy courses include the latest medical and scientific information and has been developed by physicians, nurses and industry experts. We have built the largest global network of Certified CBD Coaches that have participated in our comprehensive training, studied our online support materials and videos, taking and passing our online exams all so they can be better sales people, advisors, doctors, nurses, business owners, extractors, aestheticians and many other individuals involved in the rapidly expanding CBD industry.

What can I do with my certification?

Certifications can be printed out and posted in your place of business, posted on your website or in the window of your business, printed on your collateral materials such as your business cards or brochures or any advertisements (printed or digital) that you may create for your business.  Use the “ask a question” button above to request higher resolution (quality) artwork than the one you were emailed when you completed the final exam.  (the certificate that was emailed to you was good for your digital ads, website and/or to print out on your ink jet printer).  Please contact us if you need a higher quality artwork good to print at an offest printer. 

Why does someone need a Certified CBD Coach?

Most people want the benefits of using CBD, but are concerned about using the product correctly, knowing which does is the right one to use for their particular ailment, figuring out how CBD will interact with any other medicines they may be taking, etc. CBD coaches bridge the knowledge gap and help clients navigate the CBD world.

Why should I get certified?

CBD Training Academy’s Certification offers you an advantage in the market,  whether you are building credibility for your coaching practice, your retail or e-commerce business or if you are seeking a job in the CBD, Cannabis or Vape industries.  Graduates that pass our certification exam add this milestone to their LinkedIn profile, resumes, websites, business cards, letterhead, advertisements, emails and any correspondence with prospective employers or clients to give you an advantage over your competition.

I passed my final exam, now how do I get my course certificate?

After you complete your course and take your online final exam (and graduate with a score of 75% or higher) you will automatically receive your certificate via email (whatever email you used when signing up for the course).  Please allow at least 5 – 10 days for your certificate to be created and sent to you.  If you contact us about it please include your Name (as you’d like it to appear on the certificate), the company that sent you to the class (if any), the course you took and the email where you’d like to receive the certificate. 

Who is CBD Training For?

Want to be on the leading edge and participate in this huge CBD opportunity?  A Certified CBD Professional is someone that wants to gain all of the latest CBD knowledge for their business, their job, to get a job or a patient aregiver.  A Certified CBD Coach helps clients optimize the use of CBD to improve their health and quality of life.

CBD Professionals & Coaches come from many backgrounds: CBD Brands, Manufacturers, Retailers,  Health Coaches, Personal Trainers, Nurses, Nutritionists, Physicians, Massage Therapists, Natural Healers, Life Coaches and many others.

How big is the CBD market?

The CBD Market is estimated to grow to $22 Billion Dollars by 2022, and every day there are more people embracing CBD and businesses finding new ways to package and deliver it!

How can CBD help my clients and patients?

CBD has many uses and the science has proven with over 1200 studies demonstrating the value of CBD. Every client is a candidate for CBD! Just think about the 75 million baby boomers out there, living longer and wanting to look and feel better.

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