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Why Get CBD Certified?

CBD Training Academy’s Certification offers you an advantage in the market, whether you are building credibility for your coaching practice, your e-commerce business or if you are seeking a job in the CBD, Cannabis or Vape industries. Graduates that pass The CBD Training Academy Certification Exam add this milestone to their LinkedIn profile, resume, and any correspondence with prospective employers to give you a leg up on your competition. We encourage our community to present the Certification as a mark of distinction within the industry, a living document that will continue to evolve over time as your success grows and the Academy’s influence in the industry expands.

Option 1: Live Courses & Events Across the Country

Meet the Experts, Network & Learn!


If you are looking to connect directly with experts and network with industry peers, then our Live events are for you.  With over a dozen live trainings being held in cities from coast-to-coast, CBDTA Live Events give you a concentrated, deep-dive into  whatever aspects of the CBD business you choose is right for your career.  


Live Courses & Events and Online Training

Learn The Essentials for a Career in Retail or E-Commerce!

A Certified CBD Professional (formerly Expert)  is a person that is fully educated in the uses and effects of CBD, and is prepared to apply that knowledge in the retail or online environment.  A trained CBD Professional can assist anyone in these industry verticals, both as an employee, a brand ambassador or a health and wellness advocate.




Coach Clients On  Their Way To Complete Wellness!

As the front line in the emerging horizons between the medical, healthcare & wellness industries, CBD Coaches help clients optimize the use of CBD to improve their health and quality of life. Anyone can become a CBD Coach but our training is especially useful for people that already work with clients such as Health Coaches, Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, Physicians, Bodyworkers, Natural Healers, Life Coaches & others. 

Calling All Innovators & CBD Entrepreneurs!

This Jam-Packed 6-hour intensive workshop will put you on the path to successfully operating your own CBD business even if you have no CBD experience.  If you have CBD experience, you will learn how to optimize, grow and scale your business for success.  Marketing, Finance, Funding, Promotions, Payment Processing and more are covered in these industry-leading business trainings.



Learn The Secrets To The State Of The Art!

Join us for a LIVE industry-leading, in-depth 6-hour training with the top experts and professionals in the Extraction and Concentrates industry. Whether you want to learn for creating your own products or to become a player in the distribution market, this course will give you the skills and confidence to dominate whatever segment work in and stamp your brand  as a leader in the competitive marketplace.


Option 2: Online Learning

Take courses at your own Pace, On-Demand!

Each online course is a blend of video, text, and graphic imagery with checkpoints along the way.  Each section ends with a quiz.  Once you are finished with the sections and modules, you will have the opportunity to connect with our team of experts at the Academy to answer your questions, clarify your direction and discuss next steps with the CBD Training Academy.

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