Certified CBD Corporate Training

Certified CBD Corporate Training

Nothing can improve a business more than properly trained employees…

Every company involved in retail, wholesale, healthcare, insurance, fitness or any other CBD related field, needs to keep their staff educated on the fast evolving CBD industry. Many companies do not have the bandwidth or infrastructure to keep their employees trained and up to speed on the latest industry changes, especially when employees are being added or turned-over frequently.

Our Corporate Training Programs are written by industry leaders specializing in your business’s area in the CBD Industry. The CBD Training Academy courses enable you to keep all your team members current on the information they need to know to be able to advise and sell to your clients.

Our informative and engaging courses have specialized modules including:

  • Industry Background
  • CBD Science and Use
  • Why and how CBD works
  • Overview of dosing & methods of use
  • Legal/Regulatory – what you can and can’t say

Live or On Demand Corporate Training

Schedule to attend one of our live events across the country or have our training staff visit your office to train your team on-site. Remember to inquire about special rates and gifts available for select corporate reservations.

Reserve seats in our on-demand training where your employees and management can learn online, at their own pace.

Some of Our Expert Presenters 

What makes our training the best in the CBD industry are the people who provide the information and insights.  CBD Training Academy instructors are some of the top industry leaders with deep domain knowledge and expertise (for a list of speakers and schedules for each event, see the specific course registration page or our on demand, online course page).

Vern Mathis

Vern is the Owner and Operator of State Licensed Medical Marijuana and Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries and is the President of the Oregon Growers Association. He is also Owner and Operator of two State Licensed Grow Operations Cannabis Instructor, a Consultant and Expert Witness. https://www.thenicecorp.com/

Kurt Metros

Kurt Metros is the co-founder of Extract Consultants, leading developers of terpene blends and flavors specifically designed for use in CBD, hemp and cannabis products. For the last 25 years, Kurt has worked closely with B2C corporations, including pharmaceutical giants, to help build their brands. His business development experience allows him to help companies develop innovative and unique products to meet various market demands. He earned his B.A. in Economics at Loyola University of Chicago. www.extractconsultants.com