Certified CBD Adviser Course

The Certified CBD Adviser Course provides you with the fundamentals of the science of CBD.

You will participate in our online 6-HOUR class that was written and taught by our expert instructors.

Get the education, credentials and hands-on support you need to succeed in the CBD business!


The Power of CBD and How it can Help Your Health

    Four-Part Series:

    Part 1:  The Beginning and History of the CBD Revolution
    Part 2: Exactly What is Cannabis, Hemp and CBD?
    Part 3: Balancing Homeostasis with CBD
    Part 4: CBD – Therapeutic Uses and Conditions

    Topics Covered in the course:

    • What is Cannabis
    • Difference between CBD & THC
    • The Endocannabinoid System
    • Methods of consumption
    • Dosing and Bioavailability
    • Full, Broad Spectrum & CBD Isolate
    • The Entourage Effect
    • Legal and History
    • Terpenes & Flavors
    • Product Quality & Labels
    • The Future of CBD
    • Certification is included
    • So much more!   

    Final Quiz to Get your Certification

    Certified CBD Adviser

    Training & Certification 

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    Comments from people that took the Training:


    The CBD Advisor course is everything we needed and the knowledge we gained has really helped our business growth.

    Sarah W

    Getting CBD Certified is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made – our employees all have t-shirts that say “I’m CBD Certified.”

    Jin M

    My sales are going up and my clients are much more satisfied. 

    Marv D

    Our Experienced Instructors