Extraction Business Certification

Learn the business of extraction & get certified with this 8 hour in-depth training.

LIVE Certified Extractor Business Course: a 8-hour in-depth training with the top experts and professionals in the Extraction industry. If you are planning to enter the extraction business, this is where you need to start. Industry leaders will share candid valuable insights never before available in one room.

Our program includes:

  • Extraction industry overview
  • The importance of proper extraction methods
  • Types of extractions
  • Types of equipment
  • The risks of improper extraction
  • Business potential of extractions, income generation
  • Post Extraction Refining
  • Sourcing equipment, financing, facilities required. Licensing/Permitting
  • Panel Q&A

You will receive a Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of all modules and a short quiz taken online. Our Certification is the Gold Standard in the industry and is suitable for framing and accepted by most businesses in the industry.

    Upcoming Extraction Courses

    Take our Online Extraction Business Certification Course taught but the top Extraction Industry professionals on your schedule. This 8-hour in-depth training includes extensive information about the business of extraction and is perfect for those considering an extraction related business or for those with young start up extraction businesses. Training takes place online at your own pace and on your schedule. Register now.

    Extraction Business Course Speakers

    Celeste Miranda

    Mace Media

    Steve Bennett, PhD

    Prescott Logic

    John MacKay, PhD

    5Leaf Extraction

    Phil Northcutt

    Sierra Gold CBD

    Kurt Metros

    COO, Extract Consultants

    Rick Diamond

    CEO, CBD Training Academy

    John VanAntwerp

    Thar Process

    Jason Lapoi, PhD

    Turpenes & Testing

    Pat Farrell

    Big Sky Scientific