Our Advisory Board

Advisors Provide Strategic Strength

Networking, Strategy, Market Advocacy, Innovation & More

CBD Training Academy Advisors

Our Advisors are some of the Brightest Minds in the Industry

CBD Training Academy’s Advisory Board was formed to leverage the talent of industry influencers. Our Advisory Board is comprised of an international network of influential experts who have agreed to give our business meaningful assistance on a regular basis in a variety of areas including strategy, organizational development, innovation and marketing outreach.

We value the Advisory Board as a true strategic strength of our business and a pillar of our growth. Our Advisory Board provides organizational support in many ways including through knowledge, resources and contacts required to fulfill our business objectives. We may address questions to the Advisory Board in its entirety or consult individual members as needed. Meet our Advisors below.

Advisory Board Member: Dr. Jake Felice, N.D, L.M.P.

Advisory Board Member: Phil Northcutt, CEO Sierra Gold CBD

Advisory Board Member: Bree Nash, RN, CEO, RueNorth CBD

Advisory Board Member: April Allison, CEO, OPA Life CBD

Advisory Board Member: Jonathan Brown, ACS Labs

Advisory Board Member: MJ Stapley, MJ Hybrid Solutions