CBD Business Blueprint Program

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The CBD Business Blueprint Program

The CBD Business Blueprint System provides you with a way to learn about CBD and to become a coach so you can sell CBD products at a discount to your customers, friends and family. The Blueprint program includes a 3 page website that makes it easy for you to connect with potential customers and make appointments with them to discuss their needs. Then you’ll have access to an ecommerce affiliate CBD store that will let you buy and resell products at a discount.

Whatever you buy from the ecommerce website will be drop-shipped to you or your client, so you don’t have to worry about inventory, packing, shipping or anything like that. Just remember to use your affiliate number (that we’ll give to you) whenever you make a purchase on the ecommerce CBD site, so you can make your affiliate commissions and ensure your customer gets a competitive, discounted price on whatever they buy.

The CBD Blueprint program also offers a balance of both strategic and tactical business guidance, with an initial 30-day intensive period of attention from our team of All-Star Experts followed by an ongoing engagement with additional support to grow your business. Some of the many essential benefits participants will receive include:

  • CBD Business Builder Training
  • A weekly Mastermind Teleconference
  • Members-only monthly live webcasts
  • 50% off all new CBD Training Academy courses
  • A top listing & annual membership in our Icann Global Platform
  • A 3-page website
  • Wholesale CBD pricing through Icann with no minimum order quantities or inventory to stock
  • Free access to our upcoming CBD webinars & our Private Facebook Group

The market value of these products & services is well over $5,000 of business services and are included in your Blueprint Program at just a fraction of the price.

  • Participate in exclusive, insightful webinars and teleconferences to give you “hands-on” and proven strategies
  • Exchange valuable guidance with your fellow members through our Private Facebook Group
  • Access proven ideas and strategies in our exclusive CBD Power Tool Library
  • OPTION 2 Includes the Certified CBD Coach course (a $2,000 value)




$2,997 One-Time 

Reduced for this month only!

If you are already a Certified CBD Coach, please choose Option 1 below; and if you are not, please choose Option 2: 

(You need to have your CBD Coach Certification to participate in this program but Option 2 will provide easy access to our Certified CBD Coach Course, $2,000 value)


Option 1 – for Certified Coaches


Setup Fee of $297 plus

$97 per month:



Option 2 – if you’re not a Coach yet!


Setup Fee of $497 plus

$197 per month:


I was really impressed at all the things we were able to accomplish. I don’t think I realized how much was involved in starting and running this business until I got started with it and then I just got overwhelmed. The website alone was challenging enough but also I really didn’t know what type of marketing would work best. With the CBD Blueprint System, I’ve been able to get expert help in several other areas and all that for a quarter of what it would have cost me to do it by myself. After the first 30 days of the program, I have a new website, I’ve had about a million of my questions answered by the CBD TA pros and I’ve got a real lead program set up and running on my website. Also, I’ve been able to implement several new and innovative strategies I learned that I’m sure will significantly increase my income in 2019!  Thank you CBD TA!

Kelly Nash

CBD Business Blueprint Client