CBD 101 Course

Learn all of the CBD Basics with our CBD 101 Course

You will participate in this ONE-HOUR course with our expert instructors & mentors. You’ll learn the basics of CBD & the CBD Industry and how to use CBD products for health and wellness. You’ll learn how to start, grow and scale your own CBD business. Our Special Guest, Chuck Ebbers, will share his experience building a successful CBD Brand, the mistakes he made and his key success factors. You’ll also learn:

  • Special Guest: Chuck Ebbers shares the Best Practices of starting and building your own CBD company
  • What is CBD (Cannabidiol)?
  • Methods of Consumption
  • Industry overview/the business of CBD
  • Therapeutic uses of CBD
  • Why & how you need to source quality products
  • The importance of solid business practices and what to do next to get your own business up and running.

SPECIAL FREE GIFTS that come with this course:

  • Free CBD Book From Dr. Adam Abodeely: A Surgeon’s Perspective on the Science and Truth of Cannabis
  • Free CBD Business Startup Consult with CBD Training Academy Leadership Team or Mentors
  • Get a FREE one-time use coupon to save on any one of our other online courses
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In this course, you’ll hear insights from CBD Training Academy CEO Richard Diamond and Guest Speaker Chuck Ebbers who built a successful CBD brand and business.