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You are an important part of our CBD Movement where we are working diligently to educate and empower people to get and stay healthy! Thanks!!

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CBD Training Academy’s team is always striving to provide additional resources, education, tools and networking opportunities to help our Alumni to succeed in the CBD industry.

We value our Alumni network as a true strategic strength of our organization and a pillar of our growth.  Our Alumni are equipped with the knowledge to help people on their CBD journey.  And our goal is to help each and every person to succeed in their business.  Please check out our resources and let us know if you have any other needs.  Thank you!

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Infographics of the Month!

Feel free to download and use in your marketing materials and on your webiste.

Medallions for use on your Website!

If you are a CBD Training Academy Alumni, please feel free to download and use the medallion that corresponds with the class you have graduated from in your marketing materials and on your webiste.  If you need higher resolution medallions for offset printing please contact us directly. 

MORE!!! Downloadable CBD Infographics

Right Click and select “Save As” to save to your harddrive.  These images are low resolution suitable only for use on a blog or a website.  Thank you.