CBD Certifications

Our certifications are the most recognized in the CBD, Cannabis, Supplement and Vape industries

Knowledge, Networking, Market Advocacy, Jobs & More

CBD Training Academy Certifications

Our Training is Provided by the most Experienced Professionals in CBD

CBD Training Academy’s Certification offers you an advantage in the market, especially if you are seeking a job in the CBD, Cannabis or Vape industries.  Graduates that pass our certification exam add this milestone to their LinkedIn profile, Resume,  and any correspondence with prospective employers to give you a leg up on your competition.

We also hire graduates as interns, volunteers as well as full and part time employees and you can list this actual work experience on your resume as well.

Our Corporate CBD Training allows companies to get their entire team educated and certified.  This acts as a risk mitigation strategy as well as a strong revenue generation plan since educated employees always sell more .



Certification = Knowledge, Confidence, Excellence

Certification = Better Access to Jobs

Certification = Credentials for Everything CBD

Certification = References for Employers

Certification = Badge of Honor