The Ultimate Guide to using CBD for Athletes

The Ultimate Guide to using CBD for Athletes Course


Instructor, Danielle Borzor, MS, PA-C, CSC, Pn1, gives a brief overview of what the endocannabinoid system is, and how it is uniquely involved in the lives of athletes. There are multiple other reasons that athletes should incorporate CBD into their lifestyle and she covers them in this amazing course. Scientific research indicates that CBD may provide the answers to a variety of issues for athletes like performance anxiety, stress, healing, recovery, energy and sleep disorders.

In the course, Ms. Borzor outlines three important benefits that CBD has to offer athletes, as well as how to properly use CBD before, during and after exercise!

Comments from people that took the course:

This course answered all of my questions and then some!

Kyla G.

With this knowledge, I can help my clients better with the use of CBD.  

Lee W

This course was amazing. I’m looking forward to more classes! 

Tammy P.

Danielle Borzor, MS, PA-C, CSC, Pn1 ,

Danielle Borzor, the founder and CEO of JūLivWELL, is a certified Physician Assistant (PA) for over 22 years. She graduated from the inaugural PA class of Beaver College, now Arcadia
University, in Philadelphia and has years of experience working with patients in various clinical settings such as family practice, interventional radiology, emergency/trauma medicine and pediatrics. Danielle draws upon her thousands of interactions
with patients over the last 22 years to coach her nutrition and CBD clients. As a certified
nutrition and CBD expert, Danielle guides her clients to feeling better through habit-based coaching. Her goal is to help her clients live their best life, by living well daily.


Danielle Borzor CBD Expert