CBD Instagram Marketing for Success

CBD Instagram Marketing Course

Learn important marketing success strategies to grow and scale your CBD company. We will cover “EVERYTHING INSTAGRAM” to grow your CBD company. The key to success with your CBD business is increasing visibility, clearly defining your goals and target markets. This course features a CBD marketing expert, Maria Bereket, to educate you on winning Instagram marketing strategies.

The course modules cover the following areas:

  • How to set up your business Instagram account
  • Best strategies for representing your brand
  • Instagram Stories
  • How to grow your followers
  • When and how often to post
  • How to engage with your audience
  • Understanding your customer journey
  • Who to follow in the CBD industry
  • CBD case studies
  • Resources & More

Comments from people that took the course:

Thanks for the Instagram course, Very well done!

Jeanette Winston

The Instagram course was fantastic, I learned a lot, thanks!

Larque Dennison

The course was very educational and delivered on all of the agenda.  I highly appreciate it! 

Aaron Swanson

Maria Bereket, Digital Marketing Strategist and Instagram Expert 


-20 years of experience working with brands to grow their business

Digital Marketing · Content Marketing · Marketing Consulting

-3 years experience working with cannabis and CBD brands

Manage, coordinate and create creative and professional marketing communications, materials, content, team collaboration, and advertising for area Non-Profits and B2C with community programs serving the LAPD, military veterans, high school students, and women seeking jobs search training and support.

• Digital Marketing Strategy • Content Writer • Communications Specialist • Branding • ROI • Analytics
• Media Relations • Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator • Graphic Design • MS Office (PowerPoint, Word, Excel) • Google analytics tools • A/B testing • Customer Insights • Strong written/verbal communication

CONTENT MATERIALS: Digital and Printed: Articles, Social Media Posts, Press Releases, Reports (annual, budget, performance,) Infographics, White Paper Reports, Presentations, Brochures, Newsletters, case studies, customer and volunteer testimonials, fundraising Appeal letters, News, fundraising Kits, and Impact Reports.

• Supervise communications and marketing teams to create successful and engaging digital and print marketing including public relations, graphic design, branding, web, and all content.
• Coordinate and manage multiple teams and programs in coast to coast locations.
• Develop branded communications, marketing, media and press, and community outreach to grow awareness, outreach, sponsorships, government support, and engagement.
• Produced and managed extensive digital editorial and content calendar for marketing, events, fundraising, appeals, campaign materials, and annual budget and outreach planning, including the support and input by the entire team and vendor base.
• Excellent writer, producing high-quality, compelling and engaging content including client testimonials, brand mission and messaging, press releases, annual reports, presentations, thought leadership pieces including, articles, newsletters, appeals, case studies, impact infographics and materials, videos, and other such deliverables as needed.
• Initiate, respond and cultivate outreach and inquiries with the media, including influencers, associations, magazines, radio, and other media. [interviews, talking points, PR]