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We empower those who join our trusted, global network of Certified CBD Professionals.

Enhance your credibility in the market

Our Certified CBD couse graduates have served clients and patients from all walks of life.  These patients/clients give testimonials that show their satisfaction, which helps our students to attract new opportunities. 

Our students enjoy credibility and respectability in the eyes of the public, as a result of taking our expertly crafted CBD courses. Our students have studied and passed the exams and received their certifications. This in turn opens new opportunities when companies and individuals learn that they are a part of our parent companies global network (Icann).

In addition to the CBDTraining Academy’s courses, we also offer exclusive, insightful webinars that give students networking opportunities, additional support and “hands-on”, proven business strategies.

The Icann Global Network allows graduates to interact with fellow students, colleagues, experts, marketing gurus and  industry leaders who share their proven ideas and tips to grow your CBD business. 

The Icann website starts by letting students list and promote their businesses. Students can also access up-to-date information and webinars to stay in tune with the industy’s latest developments. These webinars include industry experts speaking about how to improve your business, acquire new clients and most importantly how to add value to your clients.  This guidane & information is provided to you each month as a benefit of your membership.

Exchange valuable guidance with your fellow members.

Our Peer Coaching Program connects you at no charge for one on one meetings with other professionals in the Network.  You will make valuable connections and learn ways to improve your business at no charge.  We believe that your success can be greatly accelerated through this mentoring program and is another important benefit of your membership.

Access proven ideas and strategies in our exclusive CBD Power Tool Library.

Members can provide their clients with customized reading Power Tools from our valuable library of concise materials covering a vast array of CBD related issues that are relevant, scientifically backed and reviewed by our Chief Medical Information Officer.  Your clients will rave about these Power Tools while you are improving your credibility and results.  We are continually building an extensive library that you have access to for free as part of your membership.  

Get referral fees while helping your fellow CBD Professionals get new clients.

We encourage our members to provide 10-20% of the fees they generate as a result of an associate’s referral.  We often have professionals that provide a specialized service such as working with cancer patients or athletes and many times it makes better sense to make a referral to a specialist. This is a great way to supplement your income and also create a network of possibilities for your own clients that fall outside your own niche or expertise.  As a member, you become part of the largest global network of Certified CBD Professionals which opens up a world of opportunities to refer and get referrals.

After my first mentoring session, I was able to implement several strategies that will significantly increase my income in 2019!  Thank you!

Kelly Nash

Certified CBD Coach

Other Member Benefits:

  • Get client referrals to grow your business
  • Get answers to your questions from our Medical and Business Advisory Board members
  • You receive 25% off of all CBD Training Academy Courses
  • You will be eligible to participate in our Affiliate program where you can earn money for referring people to our training
  • You will be eligible to participate in our Award programs
  • You will be provided access to select online training events for FREE
  • Get access to other vendors in the industry through our business matchmaking services
  • Get the highest level listing in our global industry directory for free (a value of $299 per month)

Global CBD Professional Network Member Requirements:

All Members will abide by our Code of Ethics, including a commitment to continued education, fair play and providing support to other members.

Members of the Network will promote membership and our designation on marketing materials and websites.


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