Certified CBD Coach Program – On Demand & Self Paced – Access on any Device


With the Certified CBD Coach Course you will participate in our online, on-demand 10-hour training seminar with our expert instructors and guest speakers. 

Take the Certified Coach Course from the Number 1 CBD Education Company in the industry - the CBD Training Academy!

Get Certified with our most popular Certified Coach Course, a self paced online class developed by Doctors, nurses and other wellness experts that have been successful in the CBD Industry. The course is On Demand, so you can access it on any device, at any time. If you are advising people about their health or thinking of becoming a health coach of some type (Fitness Instructor, Physical Therapist, RN/LPN, Acupuncturist, Masseuse, Nutritionist or any other types of wellness coach) - this is the information you need to know.  The content has been developed to give you the edge with our most comprehensive information about CBD and is approved by Icann.

As a class member, you will participate in our comprehensive On-Demand, EIGHT HOUR Course with our expert instructors and guest speakers.

Access the course for 12 months and learn at your own pace.  All materials and curricula are reviewed and approved by our Medical Advisory Board of MDs and RNs.  In addition to the course, you'll be asked to take an exam (you can take the exam as many times as you need to and you are allowed to refer to your class notes during your exam).  As a course graduate, you'll have access to all the CBD Training Academy benefits including a FREE listing on the Icann Site (our certifying organization), you'll receive your Coach Certification that is suitable for framing or use on your website or in your advertising and printed materials, you will have free access to the CBD Training Academy webinars as well as access to our roster of industry experts during the year while you are accessing your course materials.  Additionally, you'll have exclusive access to the resources page with other resources to help you expand your CBD business.

Our program includes:

What is CBD, CBD Science, CBD History, CBD Uses, CBD Delivery Methods, Dosage, Side Effects, Drug interaction, CBD Law, FDA & CBD, CBD Production, The Endocannabinoid System, How CBD works, CBD Quality, How to buy CBD, Synthetic CBD, CBD Patents, CBD Clinical Studies, The Entourage Effect, How to Coach Clients, Behavior Change 101, CBD Brands, The Future of CBD, Using CBD for Pain, Anxiety, Seizures, Cancer and more!

The Certified Coach Course comes with a Certification upon successful completion of all the modules and a short quiz at the end of the class with a 75% or better grade...Our Certification is the Gold Standard in the industry and is suitable for framing and accepted by most businesses in the industry.