CBD Training Academy Announces Partnership with MACE Media Group to Launch CBD Education at CBD Expo East, December 6th in Orlando

LOS ANGELES, CA – The CBD Training Academy, a leading training provider for CBD education, today announced the launch of two new CBD training programs as part of MACE Media Group’s CBD Expo East conference on December 6th: CBD Expert 4-hour seminar and Certified CBD Coach 8-hour seminar.

The explosion in the demand for CBD may be attributed to the growth of the natural products industries, and by the fact that people want to get away from pharmaceuticals and use more natural remedies with less side effects.  People are reacting to pharmaceutical advertising that lists truly terrifying and concerning side effects and are seeking out CBD as a potential remedy with no known side effects.

“There are millions of people interested in the benefits of CBD but are confused by the relationship with cannabis and the legal and cultural issues surrounding it,” said Emily Andros, CBD Training Academy’s CMO, “We are very excited to be offering our live seminar training at CBD Expo East and believe the partnership is a perfect match since MACE Media Group produces a number of highly successful conferences throughout North America with a focus on the CBD industry.”

The live seminar style training on December 6th offers two tracks.  The first is a 4-hour Certified CBD Expert program designed for those who want to learn everything about CBD which appeals to employees of CBD brands, dispensary personnel, manufacturers, and caregivers of an older parent or child.  The second is an 8-hour Certified CBD Coach program for those interested in learning how to build a six-figure income helping clients to optimize their use of CBD through proper dosage, product selection and details on how to take CBD.  Those that have shown interest in the coach certification include personal trainers, nutritionists, nurses and others in the health and wellness industries that are seeking new ways to add income and to help their clients that may need CBD.

The CBD Training Academy also offers these courses through its self-paced online e-coach learning system and can be viewed from any desktop, laptop or mobile device, making it a convenient and effective way to learn.

The training modules have been developed by physicians, nurses and other industry experts, ensuring the materials are the most up to date with the latest scientific information.  Participants in the Certified CBD Coaching class have the opportunity to join the company’s global network of Certified CBD Coaches.

For more information or to take advantage of a 25% discount on the training, please visit www.cbdtrainingacademy.com and use Promo Code: CBD EXPO PR 25 .  This code can be applied at checkout for either of the classes.

About CBD Training Academy

CBD Training Academy, the top education resource for CBD, provides the training required for both those wanting to learn the ABCs of CBD, as well as those wanting to launch a highly profitable CBD coaching business. The CBD Training Academy provides all the business training, materials and ongoing support needed to take part in and stay on top of this projected $2 billion industry. Learn more at:  www.cbdtrainingacademy.com .

About MACE Media Group

MACE Media Group publishes niched cannabis industry trade publications. Its first title, Terpenes and Testing Magazine, was the first industry trade publication devoted to cannabis science. Its newest publication, CBD Health & Wellness Magazine, revolves around the growing CBD industry to provide news on trending applications, medical research, and updates with laws and regulations. MACE also produces many trade events that attract dozens of cannabis and mainstream media journalists. Currently, MACE Media Group is producing a tour of CBD expos. The CEO of MACE, Celeste Miranda, says that, “CBD Expo East, the second stop in the tour, will land at the Orlando Hilton in Florida on December 7-8th to bring together thousands of industry influencers, forming the most comprehensive CBD event in the United States.” Find out more at www.MACEmediagroup.com .