The CBD Pharmacist: Your Personal Guide to Demystifying the CBD World and Optimizing Your Health

Welcome to the CBD revolution! Are you curious if the hype is true? Do you suffer from chronic pain, anxiety or struggle to sleep and don’t know where else to turn? Do you want to understand how to take advantage of this power packed molecule? If you are looking for a reliable source that can provide not only answers but a road map to navigating the twisty and curvy roads of the CBD universe, then you have come to the right place! Do not make the same mistakes I did when starting CBD! I took the wrong dose, the wrong way, and felt nothing. But I kept hearing these amazing stories from my customers. So, I dug in, did the research, fixed the problem, and became an expert on the subject. Take advantage of my 2-year journey in this unregulated industry. I do not recommend you try CBD on your own! You need a medical expert who understands how drugs work in the body and knows how to properly dose medications. In this book I will review such difficult topics as where to buy, how to take CBD, potential drug interactions, side effects to avoid, and drug testing. Nowhere else will you find so much information in one, easy to read resource! This book is for you if you are searching for answers to these questions and more. Expertise in CBD is now at your fingertips! Give yourself the best chance at having success with this naturopathic therapy and feel the wide array of potential benefits that cannot be found anywhere else. 

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