CBD is a powerful wellness product that taking the world by storm with its natural healing and immunity powers. But CBD is also one of the most misunderstood plants because of its relationship with Cannabis. For the average consumer, things get confusing. Still, for law enforcement professionals, with every state having its own regulatory and compliance directives, it’s time to get down to the bottom of what our law enforcement community needs to know about this important product and industry.

Experience and Knowledge

William “Bill” Loucks Jr is retired from the Metro Nashville Tennessee Police Department and has a passion for teaching and guidance in the justice system. He knows the law enforcement community, and he also knows and understands the fundamentals of Hemp vs. Cannabis. The CBD Training Academy is excited to have him return for Part 3 of his Law Enforcement Series on CBD and Cannabis

Without education on the products, the laws, and regulatory practices, our community policing departments cannot do their jobs effectively. For Bill, as part of the Law Enforcement community, he has a unique understanding of the Cannabis-Hemp landscape. He feels very strongly that education is imperative today and in the future. 

“Learning the fundamentals about Hemp and Cannabis,” says Bill. “is incredibly important for officers of the law to properly do their jobs and navigate all the conflicting information.” 

According to Bill, even understanding some of the industry’s unique nuances can make a massive difference to a Law Enforcement professional. 

Level 3 Topics

Some of the topics that will discussed during the training are:

  • 2018 Farm Bill
  • Fundamentals of Hemp vs. Marijuana
  • Hemp/CBD Products Overview
  • Breaking the Law Enforcement Stigma
  • State resources for licensed hemp growers
  • Traffic stops
  • Complaints from neighbors
  • Employment issues
  • Labeling
  • Regulatory and Compliance

Law Enforcement Expertise

The depth of knowledge that William “Bill” Loucks Jr brings to this training is without question critical to our law enforcement community. He asks that people get their questions answered and expects a robust discussion following the training session. 

Bill spent 12 of his almost 16 years with Metro Police Department working as a gang and narcotics detective. Throughout his tenure with Police Department, he had written more than 700 search warrants and participated in more than 1000 search warrant executions. He has testified as a subject matter expert in gangs and meth labs in Juvenile, General Sessions and Criminal Courts in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee. His expertise in Law Enforcement is, without question, no-nonsense. But law enforcement isn’t his only expertise.

Bill is currently an instructor/course developer for the North Carolina Department of Justice-Justice Academy (NCJA) in Edneyville, North Carolina. As a state school director for the prescription drug diversion investigator and supervisors commissioned courses, Bill has a passion for teaching others the right things to do. In addition to developing narcotic and gang lesson plans for the North Carolina Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET), his in-service training for the 35,000 plus sworn law enforcement officers in NC makes his knowledge and ability to navigate the CBD Cannabis industry worth every minute. 

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