CBD For Gut Health & Microbiome Balance


This course is focused on how to use CBD to balance your Microbiome.

1-hour Course – On-Demand, Online and accessible 24/7 from any device!

Scientists are now discovering exciting new connections between cannabinoids (like CBD and THC) and your gut bacteria - some even call cannabinoids the bridge between the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and our microbiome. Studies show the microbes influence endocannabinoid levels through a variety of mechanisms, such as affecting the enzymes responsible for endocannabinoid metabolism (i.e. FAAH), or altering levels of cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2).

CBD derives many of its therapeutic benefits from indirect activity at the CB1 receptor (increasing its ability to receive molecules like anandamide). Activation of the CB1 receptor by endogenous cannabinoids improves nutrient absorption, reduces excess stomach acid and queasiness, and can stimulate the appetite.

Among other locations in the body, CB1 receptors are found on submucosal and myenteric neurons (neurons that grow in the intestines) - showing that CBD and other cannabinoids affect intestinal motility (the movement of the digestive system and its contents).  This course is focused on how to use CBD to balance your Microbiome.

Instructor: Charlie, Piermarini, PA-C, MSPAS, MS, MPH - CBD for the Microbiome Expert

Since he was young Charlie has had a passion for medicine and people. During the summers while in undergrad he would work as an EMT at a summer camp serving both children and adults with special needs. Through these life-changing experiences, he knew he had to pursue his passion for medicine. He continued his education and graduated with a Master’s degree in Physiology and he was able to publish his thesis paper in the American Journal of Physiology- heart and Circulatory Physiology.

He then graduated from Touro University of California where he completed a dual Master’s of Science in Physician Assistant Science (MSPAS) and Public Health (MPH) in 2015. He moved back to Arizona where he practiced family medicine, urgent care and then moved into pain management. He also is the founder and CEO of Restorative Care of Arizona, which is a patient centric wellness clinic in Phoenix, Arizona. Where they specialize in personalized medicine and taking care of the whole patient.

After seeing many of his pain patients achieve great results with CBD, but some of them having THC in their drug screenings- he started to research CBD and the ECS. After a few years of research and successfully treating many patients, he has started his own CBD company to ensure the quality of the product that his patients receive.

Throughout his journey both before medicine and while practicing medicine he has added different tools and experiences that allow him to give his patients the best care possible. He understands that each patient is different and has their own unique journey of their health care and will require personalized treatments. He understands for a patient to be truly healthy, both their physical and psychological health has to be optimized.