Written by the team at CBD Education Online

After going to school for most of your life, starting in kindergarten and working your way up through college and beyond, you may think that your education stops there. However, that is just the beginning. It is essential to everyone, in any career, to continue their education in the professional world. Whether you choose to enhance your education in your own field or branch out in a different direction, ongoing education can be the key to success. A perfect example of the importance of ongoing professional education is the CBD market and how it has created a demand for educated professionals who are invested in setting themselves apart in this thriving industry. 


Importance of Continuing Education

Numerous studies have shown that continuing your education is essential to your career, your livelihood, and your wellbeing. Continuing your education does not mean that you have to go back to college or start paying to take classes, it can simply mean things like doing some industry research on your own, reading books about a specific topic and even going to free lectures about topics that interest you. In the professional world, your employer may even pay for you to attend courses that will help you learn more about your specific industry. No matter how you go about getting your professional education, there are a few key benefits that cannot be overlooked. 

Ongoing education:

  1. Increases your chance for promotion – If your employer sees how ambitious you are about your career, they are more likely to consider you for a promotion. They will see that you are pushing yourself to learn more and that drive says a lot about someone’s character.
  2. Increases your salary – In addition to being promoted, your ongoing education may lead to a salary increase. When you learn more, you will be able to take on more tasks or just be seen as a bigger asset to your company. They will surely want to pay you accordingly!
  3. Keeps you up to date on industry changes – There are not many industries out there that remain the same year after year. Technology changes, discoveries are made and new things come along that you will need to learn about. Staying up to date on your education within your chosen field will help ensure that you know all you need to know in order to do your job well. 
  4. Enables you to switch careers – If you continue to take classes or research on your own, you are able to learn more about different industries. You give yourself the tools to jump into a new career; hopefully, one that you love!
  5. Increases your personal development – Experts all agree that learning is an ongoing, lifelong process. Whether you choose to learn more about a field you are interested in or push yourself to learn more about your chosen professional field, the pursuit of education will help you to be a better, more well-rounded person overall. 

As you can see, education is essential and it is also something that should never end. Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at the CBD industry, how it has turned the medical field on its head and how it is essential to keep learning when it comes to CBD. 


Quick Evolution of CBD

While CBD was actually extracted from the hemp plant in the early 1940s, it has only become popular in the past few years as CBD became legal in almost all the states. Before that, the legality of the compound was questioned as it is closely related to marijuana, a substance that is federally illegal due to its mind-altering effects. Now that CBD has been able to separate itself from marijuana, people are beginning to take an interest in the compound, noting how it is beneficial in a wide array of health aspects. CBD has been linked through initial clinical studies to improvements in:

  • Arthritis
  • Chronic pain
  • Insomnia
  • Epileptic seizures
  • Diabetes 
  • Acne
  • Depression
  • Drug addiction
  • And many more ailments

However, as CBD’s legal status is fairly new, so are the studies that support the compound. The rapidly changing laws and increasing interest in CBD have effectively pushed science to conduct more research – and that research is currently ongoing. 


Doctors Charting the Unknown

This new scientific research is revealing how CBD affects the human (and animal) brain and nervous system. Since so much is unknown, more studies need to be done as doctors are pushed to step out of their comfort zones based on more “traditional” medicine and take a more open-minded look at this natural compound. As of now, there are lots of claims regarding CBD, but still little evidence regarding why and how it works. 

This underlines the importance of ongoing education for physicians and scientists as well, as they pursue learning more about CBD. There are so many first-hand accounts of CBD improving people’s lives and chronic conditions that they can’t be overlooked. Rather than stick to their habits, the medical field needs to research and learn rather than overlook and bypass CBD.

Personal Research

If you are not in the medical field, learning about CBD oil is still something that you should do. As mentioned before, the oil has so many benefits that it can be helpful to almost anyone. From those with chronic pain, to those suffering from insomnia, it is a compound that deserves more research. 

While you are sure to find some good information about CBD currently, from many reputable sources, the amount of information out there will just keep growing. Yes, there are lots of scientific studies and personal accounts you can read, but there are also many ongoing clinical trials and developments that you cannot afford to stop learning now.  

As you start your CBD journey, learning and keeping up with the industry discoveries, here are a few points you should definitely study:

  1. How CBD Oil Works – While scientists have a general idea of how the oil works in our body, they are still learning so much, making this a topic you should keep up on.
  2. The legality of CBD – While CBD is completely legal in most states, the legal battle is still ongoing on the federal level. There are developments that may affect you being released almost every day, which is another reason to stay on top of the CBD Industry.
  3. CBD Benefits – Many benefits have been scientifically proven while others are based on first-hand accounts. Staying up to date with the ever-growing list of CBD oil benefits is key.
  4. Ways to Use CBD – There are lotions, tinctures, recipes and pills already, but CBD is sure to keep evolving and improving. 
  5. How to build a CBD business – Entrepreneurs all over the world are trying to get a piece of this booming industry. You can set yourself apart by getting the necessary education to be at the top of the CBD game.
  6. The CBD Extraction Business – Not just anyone can become an extractor for CBD oils. This requires training and education. If you’re looking to get into the manufacturing part of the industry, check out a certification course that can set you up for success. 


CBD Education for Professionals

There are many people entering into the booming CBD industry that have started manufacturing CBD, selling CBD, extracting CBD or promoting the oil in a number of other various ways. While there is a lot of room to grow within the CBD industry, education is definitely key. Learning about CBD and becoming immersed in the world of CBD is the only way to succeed in this new market. 

There are actually many certification courses you can take online to become a CBD “expert”. Taking a CBD class to learn about the oil can be extremely beneficial, especially if you are looking to make CBD your business or career. Look for classes online, at a local college or even at a nearby hospital. Since CBD is such a new and thriving market, many places are actively holding CBD educational presentations that can really push you ahead in the industry. 

As a consumer, you should be very aware of which CBD vendors are reputable and which ones are taking advantage of a thriving market in order to just make money. Do your own research and learn about the best places to get CBD and what sources you can trust. Heading to your corner bodega to buy CBD oil that is kept next to the candy bars probably isn’t the best idea! 

Keeping Up with CBD

As we have already mentioned, CBD is an evolving industry. There is so much that is changing and developing in the moment, that it is a perfect example of a market that you can really benefit from. Discoveries will be made every day, doctors will start prescribing CBD more and new vendors will enter the market regularly. Continuing your education in CBD is just as essential as continuing your education in your personal career. The experts agree that continuing education is essential for personal development and learning about CBD can truly push you forward as a person. An education in CBD will open the door to this rapidly changing industry and give you a giant leap forward towards success, whether you are just a CBD Consumer or you want to participate in the industry and benefit financially.  Either way CBD has a 10,000 mile per hour tailwind and education is the key to you getting successfully involved.