With the entire world at home, it is easy to get frustrated and bored watching Netflix reruns. But what if you took some of that time to figure out how to stay at home while building a future for you and your family? No, this isn’t one of those pyramid pitches that is circulating on Facebook. It is an idea and some direction about being well, staying well, and finding some balance in your life.

I have been working at home for over ten years. It started out as a necessity when I started my own Digital Marketing company. When I had the opportunity to move into a shared office space, I decided that being home and having my own business were critically important to me, so I passed on the office space and haven’t looked back.  

With all the Zoom meetings with family, friends, colleagues, and clients, I have found that overwhelmingly those who have been working the traditional 9 to 5 are now getting a taste of what I have known for a long time: Work-Life-Balance does exist! But where to begin?

I chose Digital Marketing because it was something new in the Marketing field I was already familiar with. But it was that digital stuff that I was sure was going to be a game-changer. Lucky for me, I was right. In 2020, I see that our wellness is taking center stage in just about every industry. The chart on the right is quite impressive when you consider that CBD is a wellness change changer all on its own. 


We Live In A World of Science


CBD is a science product, and after weeks of scientists and doctors talking about pathogens and nasal swab testing, I think we can safely agree that science is intriguing and part of our future. Building a business, however, is not quite so simple. When I dove deep into the cannabis industry a few years ago while creating a digital strategy for an edible company, I discovered CBD.

Not only a cannabis product, CBD is also extracted from the Hemp plant. A durable cousin of cannabis, Hemp has been around since long before the colonies were required to grow it for the King of England. But make no mistake, CBD is a science product, and it has properties that will require knowledge and education. But don’t let that stop you from being home and building a thriving business. It is that knowledge that can set you apart from the pack.

A Successful Business Needs Partners

I have worked with all types of businesses in my marketing tenure. I started in finance and transitioned into all the fantastic small businesses that make up the New England Tourism industry. Small business is what drives America, and that is what attracted it to me as I was choosing my own business path. But successful small businesses need partners to grow and prosper. They need tools to help them expand and make money. And in the CBD industry, education and certification are critical to your success (not to mention your marketing!)

When I discovered the CBD Training Academy last year, I was searching for more information. I liked their whole list of experts and resources. I loved their leadership team, and I learned not only about the hemp plant and its CBD properties, but I partnered with a group of people who had lessons for me to learn. In addition to embarking on the learning, I began to share some of my expertise with their students. Like I said, partners are what make a business successful.

The Pandemic Isn’t Going Anywhere

As sad as that makes me, I like that it is slowly changing people’s mindset and forcing them to look at their lives and decide what they value and what they need to prosper. I have known for some time that the wellness industry is growing, and with all the focus on working at home while everyone is at home, our wellness is increasingly more critical.

CBD is an industry of opportunity. Sure, there are many players. Isn’t that part of the excitement? It is essential to know that so many of those players are not starting with the right tools—like education and certification. Trust is earned in the digital world through relevant information and guidance. Why not explore your business options with a team of people who can guide and direct you toward greater success? What you know matters to your customers. What you are learning will impact your bottom line. So take a minute to explore. Work at home: CBD Training Academy

Author: Maria Bereket is a Digital Marketing Consultant and Advisor. She has been a marketing professional for over 20 years and lives in Southern California.  She is a CBD Academy Trainer.