We are delighted to offer the first installment of our “CBD All-Stars” series, beginning with this exploration of the role cannabis can play in the management of chronic pain.  In this fascinating podcast, CBD Training Academy speaker Dr. Jake Felice delves in the deep science and medical implications of chronic pain.  Leading research suggests that THC – along with CBD and a range of other cannabinoids – can serve as effective alternatives or complements to traditional OTC medicines, including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs) drugs such as ibuprofen. 

According to Dr. Jake, NSAIDs are the most common class of medication used for pain worldwide.  Their use is increasing, and adverse reactions occur in 26% – 60% of patients using NSAIDs.  Both of these medicines can work well together. NSAID’s reduce the cognitive effects and tiredness associated with too much THC, while at the same time cannabis protects the stomach from NSAID related damage.

Using cannabinoids as a safe and effective treatment for chronic pain is gaining ground in both the allopathic and alternative healthcare communities. This interest is in part due to the devastating affects prescription medicines are having across the U.S. The opioid crisis has been inextricably linked to the over-prescription of pain killers, in particular Oxycontin.  The tide has turned on the culpability of the manufacturers and the unethical elements in the healthcare industry.  This week’s landmark lawsuit settlement in Oklahoma against Purdue Pharm serves as evidence. Purdue is the company most closely linked to the epidemic. The first of more than 1,600 lawsuits pending against Purdue resulted in the drugmaker agreeing to pay $270 million to fund addiction research and treatment in Oklahoma and pay legal fees.

Part of the mission of the CBD Training Academy is to deliver the industry-leading best-of-breed knowledge and training platforms to help standardize the complex and fast-paced marketplace for cannabinoids.  We believe in providing information and research to cannabis-based alternatives that could mitigate the long-term need or overuse of NSAIDs or other pain medicines.  In the future we will be sharing more insights from Dr. Jake and other experts as the understanding of cannabinoids expands and continues to become accepted by the mainstream. 

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