The Importance of Email Marketing in Business

If working from home during COVID has taught business owners anything useful, email rules in a digital world!

Take a look at the numbers:

  • According to Statista, only 15% of respondents in the U.S. do not want to hear from brands at this time. The logical conclusion is that most of your subscribers (85%) appreciate your emails.
  • According to Mailchimp, email open rates have risen by up to 25% week-on-week in retail.
  • According to Friederich, 52.92% of consumers want critical updates about what to expect from a company.
  • The average email open rate grew from 17.04% in February to somewhere between 25% to 33% consistently through the lockdown.
  • According to Mailerlite, e-commerce purchases through emails have risen from 6,179 to 12,154. That’s a 7% increase.

If some of these numbers are not enough to convince you that people are opening and reading what is coming into their email boxes, maybe looking at competitors will give you some incentive.

Businesses are sending less often, but consumers want to hear more often.

Most digital marketing agencies and research firms believe that sending emails less often is a flawed strategy in “normal” economic times. Right now? Judge for yourself:

Consumers are home, they are online, and they are actively working, looking for work, or turning to online entertainment to keep them busy, and email is part of their daily routine.

That means that your subscribers want to hear from you during the new workday (say 9 to 6). Why? Because being home and being online is becoming a routine similar to our work. Tip: When you do email, make sure it is during the daytime when readers are looking for things to read and learn.

Open and Click

Since more people are opening emails during the COVID-19 pandemic than ever before, it seems evident that they are clicking through to your websites and promotions more than ever before as well. So why then are businesses sending less email offers now that we are in a Pandemic?

Stop thinking like a business owner and start thinking like your customers.

Sure, money is tight, and people are worried about the economy and jobs, but people are also bored and engaged in the content that interests them. If you know your customers, give them what they want—relevant, engaging, entertaining, and consistent information about your products and services. Pull the plug on all the sales copy and start telling stories and offering value, setting you apart from your competitors.

Top Reasons to Email

  • Low Cost, High Return: Email Marketing is one of the most cost-effective methods available today, with an ROI of about $38 for every $1 spent.
  • Email Can Grow Your Business: 80% of businesses use Email Marketing for customer retention and acquisition.
  • Email Is Better Than Social Media: Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are essential tools for targeting a broad audience. However, a more direct way to reach and engage people is still email marketing. People are 2x more likely to sign up for your email list than interacting with you on social media.
  • Consumers Want to Hear from You: Despite spam’s prevalence, 61% of consumers still enjoy getting weekly promotional emails.
  • Higher Sales: Personalized emails get six times the number of transaction rates than other types.

Email Marketing Workshop

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