Visualizing Your Success Makes It Happen!

There is an old expression that says that we think with our eyes first.  It’s true! Eventually, our thoughts catch up to what our brain has recorded inside our memory. When needed, all we have to do is remember that information (or, better yet, have something to remind us!)

According to a study done by MIT, the human brain processes an image 60,000 times faster than text, and 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visualThat makes Vision Boards a critical project to think about doing very soon.

Dreaming in Pictures

Sometimes known as dream boards, Vision Boards are simple things to assemble but a most valuable tool for reaching your goals. Think of them as inspirational collages that serve as your image of the future – your future and a tangible example, idea, or representation of where you are going.

The process of putting one together should include all the elements of your future business success. It should represent your dreams, your goals, and your ideal life. Visualizing this life and then having a visual representation of want you want to achieve is like having a secret success weapon.

How Does Visualizing Work?

Vision boards are manifestation tools that work based on the Law of Attraction, which says that we attract into our lives whatever we focus our attention, thoughts, and energy on most often. By representing your goals with pictures, images, and inspirational quotes, you will strengthen and stimulate your inner emotions because, as you already learned above, your subconscious mind responds strongly to visual stimulation.

Creating a visual board of your goals and dreams keeps your brain busy by focusing on what is essential for your success.  As a little helper, your mind sees the visual and quickly goes to where those desires, goals, and actions are already stored. Returning to the crime scene, so to speak, is the beginning of a habit of success that is like a massive push toward your goals and success.

Creating Your Vision Board

In October, expert speaker, Founder, and CEO of The Core Empowerment, Denise Riley, will be guiding us through this process and the journey of creating a vision board. She is a success coach who knows how to lead people to business expansion and success. Through tools like the Vision Board, she will show you how to develop habits that bring business leaders happiness and success in life and business.

Denise will offer a few sessions to help us get started with her 7-Step Method of Creating Your Success with a Vision Board. Using interactive exercises and components that ensure the entire process is personally successful, she will offer an overview with details on the first few steps, October 15th, 22nd29th & November 5th, at 4 pm PST. These  1-hour webinars are FREE for anyone to attend (register here).

Then, on Saturday, November 7th, Denise will lead a six-hour Virtual Summit that will take a deep dive into each one of the seven steps where she’ll walk you through the process of creating your own personalized vision board… you’ll walk away with a vision board of your very own (Learn more). Once you have your board, she’ll reveal insider secrets most people have never heard of to make your vision board a reality. 

No matter which session you attend, you will gain insights into the power of visualizing your business success from someone who knows how to get you on the right track.

Professional sports players swear by the visualizing process, so why wouldn’t you try it too?