Certified CBD Marketing Specialist


We teach you all about the 1page CBD Marketing Plan and then we help you build one for your company.  Then, we teach you how to take all that information that you’ve spent time figuring out, and implement it tactically. With our Certified CBD Marketing Specialist Program you’ll learn everything you need to become an expert CBD marketer.

What’s included in the Certified CBD Marketing Specialist Program?

  • A seasoned, experienced team of Marketing Professionals, with at least 30 years experience each will teach you everything about CBD Marketing.
  • You will go through our CBD Marketing Workshop, a 2 hour high level overview of the 1 Page CBD Marketing Plan.
  • Then you will do the deep dive on creating a 1 Page CBD Marketing Plan through our 6 hour Virtual CBD Marketing Summit, recorded live.
  • After that, you will participate in our CBD Marketing Masterclass which is made up of Four 2 hour sessions taking you through every step of executing on your marketing plan to get new customers and build a sales funnel that keeps customers coming in day after day.
  • The pros will review the competition – go to different competitor’s websites to see what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong and how you should separate yourself from the competition.
  • Your instructors will also review how you can implement your brand into a workable ‘look and feel.” How can you take your idea about who you are and translate that into your brand. Should your marketing tactics (website, social media headers, business package, handout, etc.) have a youthful feel or should it be more conservative?  Plain or colorful?  Should you use more formal language or speak with a more casual, familiar tone? How do you know how to make these decisions. You’ll learn all this and more during this Certified CBD Marketing Professional program.
  • We show you how to set up a fully functioning marketing “funnel” that pulls in leads every day!
  • How can you check to see which marketing tactic is working?  How should you follow up after you implement these marketing tactics?
  • After you have completed the training, you will be rewarded with a certification certificate for framing.