April 20th is POT day and partakers are celebrating “virtually” this year due to the Covid-19 virus. Despite the fact that the regular day celebrating CBD is January 21st, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate pot’s health improving cousin, CBD.

Things to be thankful for in the midst of this virus!:

  • Hemp was Legalized! – The legalization of Hemp with the “The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018,” made hemp production and distribution legal under Federal Law and established a framework of shared oversight between federal, state and Indian Tribe authorities. The law also cleared the way for the production and distribution of cannabidiol (CBD).  
  • CBD is a growing industry. CBD product sales in the US are projected to grow by 706% in 2019 to $5 billion. Sales of $23.7 billion are expected by 2023. If you’re in the CBD business, you have a bright future to look forward to. (CBD Business People check out our Founders CBD Mastermind – the #1 Virtual CBD Accelerator).   
  • CBD use is on the rise. The latest Gallup poll found that 14% of all Americans, and 20% of Americans under age 30, use CBD products for a variety of reasons.
  • CBD comes in many forms. Sublingual oil drops were one of the first popularized forms of CBD, but now there is such a variety of delivery systems that you can take it (or profit from it) however you want. Edibles, lotions, water additives, clothes, tea, honey, bath bombs, makeup and more.  (Check out our partner site at Certifiedcbdcenter.com
  • CBD may help you sleep and help with Sleep Apnea – There’s been an increase in scientific interest in the use of cannabis and cannabinoids to help treat sleep disorders which has resulted in a recent increase in the number of clinical trials. These investigate the ability of cannabis and cannabinoids to help with sleep apnea, insomnia, REM behavior disorder and nightmares (esp those associated with PTSD).  Additionally in a 2018 study, cannabinoids were also found (in a study by Linares) to work better than benzodiazepines and other anxiolytic drugs. To find out more about CBD check out the CBD Training Academy’s free webinars and classes.  

While we’re still in this Covid-19 lock down we think there are plenty of reasons to be thankful and that the future of CBD still looks bright. Perhaps things will change, but hopefully for the better. And when they do, the CBD Training Academy will be here to guide you through the CBD industry changes you may encounter. Please don’t hesitate to call the Academy anytime.  Feel free to contact us now or after the virus scare is over.